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What to look for in an online casino

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to online casinos. With hundreds of sites to choose from you can be sure some are better than others. But how do you sort the wheat form the chaff? Searching in the dark offers nothing more than a scattergun approach. You may hit the jackpot, but on the other hand you may shoot yourself in the foot. By following these simple rules you will be able to shed some light on your search greatly improving your odds of success; after all gambling is all about odds, so you may as well start from the beginning.
License and registration
Hit up the site’s ‘about us’ section. There should be the general spiel about the greatness of the site, but there should also be information – perhaps under a stand-alone heading or in its own section – about licensing. The UK government does not give out gambling licenses. Governmental authorities that do exist in Gibraltar, Malta and the Channel Islands where, casino sites such as Sky Vegas are licensed, hand out licenses. It is down to the locally gambling authority to regulate the site and all its operations. Links to relevant sites and government bodies as well as the company’s registration number should be supplied here.
You’ll find throughout the online gambling industry it’s very easy to deposit money but it’s not so easy or, more precisely, quick to withdraw it. Money should be deposit into your online gambling pot instantly. However, to withdraw your winnings and have them credited into your bank account by the online casino takes a few days. Processing time needs to be factored in – which should take between 24 and 48 hours – then payments should be credited. A reasonable amount of time – from requesting to receiving funds – should be no more than five working days. This information is found the site’s ‘banking’ section. If it takes a long time for money to be credited or sites only credit money once a month, steer clear; this is not acceptable.
Responsible gambling
Gambling should be fun, light hearted and affordable. As soon as the antitheses of these become true you have a problem. The best online casinos well allow you to set gambling limits and help you ‘cool off’ where necessary. They should also provide links to gambling support and advice sites such as Gamcare.
Remember, just because a site looks authentic, doesn’t mean it is authentic. The best fraudsters are highly skilled web masters, capable of creating beautiful looking websites. However, if they aren’t registered they aren’t legal.

Courtesy of Rambis Photography