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Profit at blackjack

One of the best ways to improve your chances of making a profit at the Unibet blackjack table is to use one of the many strategy charts available. These charts aren’t designed to give you an unfair advantage at the table or provide you with some secret formula for guaranteed success; instead they are simply a method for guiding your play.

Using statistical data and probability, these charts give you the most profitable play based on a series of variables at the table. Widely available online and legal in all casinos (despite what they would like you to believe), blackjack charts tell you exactly when to hit, stand, split and double based on your opening two cards and the dealer’s face card.

The process of using one of these charts is simple: first you have to trace down the vertical axis to find the box that reflects the hands you’ve been dealt. Then trace along the horizontal axis to find the box which corresponds with the dealer’s face card. At this point you need to find where the two points intersect and you’ll be presented with the most statistically sound play.

For example, if you held A-3 (soft 14) and the dealer’s up card was a 5, a standard blackjack strategy chart would advise that you double down. The reason for this is that the ace in your hand gives you a total of 4 or 14, meaning that it’s impossible for you to bust by taking one card. Moreover, the dealer is extremely weak when showing a 5. Thus, this is a great time to capitalise on those factors and make as much money as possible.

Using a blackjack chart won’t guarantee you a winning session every time. However, it will give you the best opportunity to make money by outlining the most statistically sound play.