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Predictions for English Premier League Season 2018-19

2018 was an eventful year for football. The biggest global event, FIFA World Cup, was held in Russia. Two time winners, France, were able to clinch the title for a third time while giants of international football – Germany, Spain and Italy – failed to meet their fans’ expectations.

However, with the international fixtures out of the way, football spectators have turned their attention towards the English Premier League. Although the league is a competition between local clubs of England, it features players from all major football-playing countries and according to Wikipedia is viewed in a whopping 643 million homes around the world making it the most watched sporting league.

August 2018 led to the start of Premier League’s 27th season, and like every year, football fans and pundits alike have started to bring their analysis forward regarding the performance of various teams, individual players and club managers. These analyses and predictions are followed and debated zealously, because getting accurate forecast of performances can allow you to make good money on websites such as Blue Bet.

Betting on Premier League games can be rewarding. In 2016, due to the win of minnows Leicester City, many people won outrageous amounts of money. A woman in England, thanks to 5000 to 1 odd on Leicester winning the title, was able to win 50,000 pounds on a bet of mere 10 pounds.

The following analysis from football pundits is a guide to help you predict what to expect from this year’s Premier League and possibly earn some money in the process.

Top Four Finishers

1) Manchester City
2) Liverpool
3) Manchester United
4) Tottenham

The title winners from last year, Manchester City, are in spectacular form and are expected to continue their run. Liverpool has spent good money during the transfer window and their goal scorers, both Mo Salah and Sadio Mane, are in a good nick and therefore the team is destined for a high table finish.

Manchester United, although with a strong team and supporting line up are going through a difficult phase and questions are being raised on the performance of their manager Jose Mourinho. They can still clinch the third position given that Mourinho can steer the team without any infighting.

The big change in top 4 finishers is the ouster of Arsenal and inclusion of Tottenham. The reason for that is clear, Arsenal have a new manager after two decades. Fans need to have a patient approach towards the new guy in charge - Unai Emery. Tottenham have young but budding stars in their team, they are expected to perform well and finish in the fourth position.

Top Scorer

The person who finishes Top Scorer wins a Golden Boot in the premier league. Last season Mo Salah with 36 goals was the top scorer. This year, the following list of players is likely to finish in the top spot according to a panel of experts on Sports Net.

• Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City
• Harry Kane, Tottenham
• Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Arsenal

Teams to Get Relegated

• Huddersfield Town
• Brighton & Hove Albion
• Cardiff City

With all of the information provided here, you can start betting on the odds of your preferred team winning and your selected player scoring on a particular day.